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VyControl: VyOS Web Frontend

VyControl is a single frontend interface to manage a single or multiple VyoS servers. Only download VyOS Rolling Release, since VyControl needs the latest VyOS API.

Still in 2020, the most important functionalities that until then were only possible through CLI (command line interface), will be possible through a friendly web interface developed in Django / Python.

Standalone VyoS installations can now have a control panel.

Datacenter installations with multiple VyoS will be able to offer their customers (with users, groups and granular control) firewall as a service.

firewall frontend

All the features to configure your firewall via web. Groups, users, firewall, routers, VPNs.

manage single vyos or dozens

Created with a single installation to manage numerous VyoS, or even a single one. Ideal for datacenters.

easy to install

Just run a docker or a simple command, you don't even need a database for small installations

inside vyos or separeted

A version will be made available to run within VyOS with installation with a single command.


You need to use VyOS 1.3+ rolling release to work.

We are making several commits per day, the development will be very active until we have the first LTS version ready (2020-06-30)

Current Version

Change log

  • 20.05.04 – improve error returns to end users
  • 20.05.02 – working firewall without zones
  • 20.05.01 – version created to start project framework, organize permission systems and concept test with some firewall and interface functions and statics routes.¬†

Roadmap / Milestones

VyControl Roadmap is described at Github project.